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Everyone has a story worth sharing and my story should be told starting from my

middle school...

When I was in middle school, I had a business teacher that was quite creative, Mr. Comfort. One day, he told our classmates about one of his business concepts - he proposed that we could work together to launch a student discount card. He said that he had the idea 12 years ago, and he talked to his students every year, but no one has ever realized the concept.


Driven by the emotions that I grew within me, the following year, I decided to turn his ideas into reality. I worked with two roommates, wrote a simple plan, visited large and small shops in the city to discuss a collaboration with them, and printed out our student discount card for sale to students from different schools. Finally, the student discount card was very successful.


At that moment, I found out: I had the ability to create something valuable and meaningful to the world. I also realized that creation is my passion. Just like throwing a small stone into a lake, it can trigger continuous ripples. Even though my existence seems insignificant, I can bring some influential changes to the world through creation. This became an important opportunity for me to embark on my entrepreneurial journey in the future.

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